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San Clemente Veterinary Hospital – San Clemente, CA

follow link The new San Clemente Veterinary Hospital consists of approximately 4,000 SF of major remodeling, plus 1,100 SF of new second floor additions and extensive site retaining wall and parking lot additions. Its architectural aesthetic was crafted to complement the City of San Clemente's historic and renowned "Spanish Villa by the Sea" theme. Advanced technology and state-of-the-art design features abound within this veterinary hospital's Spanish Revival Architecture. These features include: 1) photovoltaic solar panels producing electricity, 2) operational cost saving computer controlled hyper compressor, inverter HVAC cassette technology, 3) integral roof /dog exercise decking, 4) trenchless runs, 5) a limited use ADA compliant elevator, 6) separate in-patient treatment and surgical prep / recovery areas, and 7) an innovative "exam room pod" to yield maximum floor area efficiency and profitability. The San Clemente Veterinary Hospital won the 2012 Veterinary Economics Best Practice Remodel.

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