Rocky Mountain Small Animal Hospital – Littleton, CO

The Rocky Mountain Small Animal Hospital is located between two major highways that run east-west along either side of the site. Off in the distance stand the majestic Rocky Mountains. The Floor Plan is divided into three areas: a hospital on the north side, a canine boarding facility on the south side, and a shared service core between them. The Hospital portion is subdivided, again, into an outpatient zone and an inpatient zone. The inpatient zone of the hospital is separated from the outpatient zone by the Exam Rooms. The Central Treatment Room is the nucleus of all inpatient activities. The canine boarding runs are located at the opposite side of the facility. Sandwiched between the Hospital and Canine Boarding is a variety of support functions that are shared between the Boarding Wards and the Hospital Wards. Located above the Hospital, with commanding views of the Rocky Mountains, are two resident living units.

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