OC Animal Care Construction Update

June 27, 2017

Exterior and interior construction continues for OC Animal Care. In the last couple of months, we have seen huge progress of this fast-track, design build campus. Our focus during construction includes site visits to monitor the work being done, reviewing submittals and answering RFI’s.

At this point:

Glazing and roofing of the seven (7) primary buildings is nearly complete. Interior framing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing roughing is ongoing.  Finish work is scheduled to begin later in July.

California animal shelter during construction

View from above during construction of the Orange County Animal Care Facility located in Tustin, CA .

“The subtle curvature of the promenade and rich interplay of buildings and exterior spaces has fully emerged in the last two weeks.” –Eric Nelson, Supervising Architect

Ground level view of Animal Shelter Construction showing architectural design

Ground level view of the promenade area during construction at Orange County Animal Care Facility in Tustin, CA.

The promenade is a major focus in the campus’ design.  The promenade will create an additional gathering and community area.

Watercolor architectural rendering of animal shelter campus

A watercolor rendering of the promenade at Orange County Animal Care Facility in Tustin, CA.

Below are images of the original rendering and current construction of the administration building lobby.

Interior architectural rendering of lobby in animal shelter administration building

Animal shelter architect image of administration building lobby during construction of Orange County Animal Shelter in Tustin, CA

OC Animal Care is a seven acre campus that will serve fourteen surrounding cities and communities. We are excited for the next step in the construction process and look forward to bringing animals and people who care for them together in a nurturing and inspirational environment.




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