Work in Progress at OC Animal Care

January 23, 2017

The work in progress at OC Animal Care continues as, in the last three days, all tilt wall panels were erected, supporting the fast-track construction of Orange County’s new animal shelter.

OC Animal Care

The exciting moment of the last concrete panel being lifted up into place completing the exterior shell of the new animal care facility.

The Future meets the Past. The concrete tilt walls of the shelter’s main Lobby artistically frame the view on Blimp Hangar No2 – a historic landmark of the former Marine Corps Air Station and current site of the new OCACF.

OC Animal Care

The view into from the Lobby down to the interactive Adoption Corridor. The openings in the panels will provide access to light-filled Cat Adoption Wards beyond.

OC Animal Care

These beautiful trees are patiently waiting for the completion of their new home filled with sunshine and the sounds of hope, love and compassion.

OC Animal Care

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