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Brazos Animal Shelter – Bryan, TX

The Brazos Animal Shelter has purchased a magnificent 17.5 acre site for its new animal shelter. The site is located on a well traveled road for easy public access and close to the University of Texas Veterinary School which will be sending students to the shelter to work in a custom designed Teaching/Treatment Area. The site also includes a small pond which will become part of a garden/sanctuary where a pet mausoleum will be located facing the pond. The new shelter will contain, in general, seven areas: 1-Public Waiting, Reception, Pet Retail & an Animal Art Gallery; 2-Canine and Feline Animal Housing; 3-Canine and Feline Adoption Areas including two unique Canine Cottages with Bonding Areas; 4-Spay/Neuter Clinic & In-House Veterinary Clinic; 5-Administration Offices and Conference Room; 6-Staff facilities including an outdoor dining patio; 7-Maintenance, support functions including vehicular delivery areas and storage. Overall, the shelter is designed specifically to shelter and care for stray and unwanted animals, promote adoption and foster successful pet/owner relationships through education and ongoing outreach & support.

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