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Cocheco Valley Humane Society – Dover, NH

Having outgrown their existing facility several times over, the Cocheco Valley Humane Society (CVHS) now plans to meet both current as well as future needs of the community. Situated near the Cocheco River, this 19,000 SF animal shelter will contain boarding areas for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and small mammals as well as adequate office, volunteer, and storage space. With a strong commitment to education and community interaction, the facility will contain both indoor and outdoor multi-function spaces, a learning center as well as adoption rooms where potential adopters can bond with their new pet. CVHS will be built in two phases as funding becomes available.The building is separated into two wings to conform to the natural slope and curvature of the site as well as to humanize the scale of the building. The facility is nestled below a landscaped hillside to help focus views out to picturesque fields. Large amounts of glass further strengthen the building’s interior / exterior relationship with the site. The CVHS also incorporates many "eco-friendly" features such as solar panels, a vegetative “green” roof and sustainable building materials. Water efficient fixtures, low-VOC adhesives/paints/sealants, as well as energy efficient HVAC system further strengthens the facilities commitment to the environment.

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