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Milton Animal Shelter – Milton, MA

The Town of Milton, Massachusetts, just nine miles South of Boston, will be constructing a new Animal Shelter nestled into the wooded hills surrounding the Granite Links Golf Course. This 6,600 SF timber-framed gem will incorporate Adoptions, Surrenders, Spay Neuter Clinic, Humane Education and Animal Control services to serve the community’s 27,000 residents.

The building is sited to face the access road and insulate adjacent residents from the majority of shelter operations. Generous fenced Exercise Yards and access to walking trails complement the full range of services provided within the Shelter.

Standing seam metal roofing, expressed timber framing, painted clapboard siding and stone banding create an exterior palate that is clean and contemporary and harmonious with the Town’s historic colonial character. Clerestory gable windows above the Cattio bring sunlight and warmth into the Southeast-facing entry, Waiting Area and Cat Playroom. Interior spaces feature large glazed walls to encourage exploration and access to daylight.

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