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North County Animal Hospital – Paso Robles, CA

Dr. Bell’s goal was to build a new, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital to replace his existing free-standing 50 year old structure in the central California coastal city of Paso Robles. The new building is the first phase of a two phase master plan to provide both medical care and boarding. The new two-story, 4,200 SF, hospital is designed to operate as a full service veterinary center, offering medical, surgical, dental, preventative medicine and diagnostics for small animals. Phase two entails the renovation of the existing building into a boarding and grooming center opposite the new hospital. Paso Robles has a long history of wine producing in California. The design of the hospital reflects the metaphorical qualities of a winery interpreted into contemporary context. To capture the aesthetic flavor of a winery and Paso Robles’ rich history, we used indigenous earth tone colors complemented by ledger stone accent walls, reminiscent of a wine cellar. Special decorative glass door and window treatments, laminates and metalwork are also incorporated into the architectural design.

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