Philadelphia Animal Specialty & Emergency (PASE) - Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates, LLP Architects

Philadelphia Animal Specialty & Emergency (PASE) – Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Animal Specialty & Emergency (PASE) is a privately-owned, community-based veterinary hospital that provides 24/7/365 emergency care and a broad range of specialty services, including cardiology, critical care, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, ophthalmology, and surgery. rfa was asked to design a new four-storied 64,000 SF building on a dense urban site along the rapidly-developing Washington Avenue corridor for this growing practice. The design incorporates a 35-car parking garage and triage/drop-off on the ground floor, emergency care on the second floor, and specialty care on the third floor. the fourth floor provides an open shell to maximize the site for future development. The innovative building fa├žade features an off-set grid of colored insulated metal panels and aluminum-framed window openings. This dynamic design accommodates varying interior room sizes and functions, attracts attention, and minimizes construction cost and time. All hospital functions and finishes are state-of-the-art. Critical factors for success in this large, multi-story facility include:

  • rapid access to triage and treatment for critical care patients,
  • tailored client waiting and patient flows to simultaneously meet the needs of both emergency and specialty departments, and
  • optimization of shared resources between floors and departments without compromising care.

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