Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa - Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates, LLP Architects

Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa – Boston, MA

One of the most unique animal care projects ever built in the United States is Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa in Boston, Massachusetts. This 43,300 SF full-scale renovation is the brainchild of two entrepreneurial partners who combined their knowledge, experience, and vision to create a landmark facility. The focal point of the ground level is a “village” of luxury New England vernacular dog houses surrounding a landscaped garden, interlacing a paved walkway, complete with faux plantings and faux trees, all under a faux sky. The ground level also includes four dog daycare gyms with a dry treadmill in each, a fitness swimming pool with a circular fun slide, a pet retail store, a grooming salon, and an affiliated full-service veterinary care center, Boston Animal Hospital. The upper level includes several categories of canine boarding, from standard to premium to deluxe. The upper level also includes luxury feline boarding with adjacent cat play rooms and a rooftop park for canine exercise that supplements the many exterior ground level exercise yards and runs. A lower level includes, in addition to abundant storage, a training and obedience center.

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