Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine – St. Kitts, The Caribbean

Ross University, on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean is undertaking a major program for a School of Veterinary Medicine.  The Teaching Hospital Program includes a new 30,000 square foot Academic Building and a new 12,000 square foot Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  The new Academic Building will include a Multipurpose Lab Suite, Necropsy Suite, Small Animal Clinical Skills Suite, Communication Skills Suite, Classrooms, Teaching Clinic, Student Collaboration Spaces, Anatomy Lab, Multipurpose Exam Lab and Research Lab.  The new Veterinary Teaching Hospital will include Exam Rooms, Lameness (Gait) Evaluation Area, Pharmacy & Lab Areas, Teaching Rounds Rooms, Central Treatment Area, Intensive Care Unit, Surgery Rooms, Radiology, Ultrasound, Chemotherapy, Special Procedures, Dentistry, Physical Therapy and Administrative Offices.  All rooms and all spaces are designed to accommodate faculty and students and public patients where appropriate.

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