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Sacramento Animal Hospital – Sacramento, CA

From a historical standpoint, the Sacramento Animal Hospital was the first animal hospital in Sacramento, California dating back to the early 1940’s. Technologically outdated and physically obsolete, its old building was in need of replacement. The new Sacramento Animal Hospital is a two-story building of 5,782 SF designed and constructed on a challenging 19,258 SF triangular-shaped lot. This project required the acquisition of an adjacent property with subsequent parcel merger (lot tie) and lot-line adjustments. To maintain the hospital’s business operations during construction, this project was completed in three phases of migratory construction. The end result is strikingly contemporary architecture with enhanced biophilic design principles and features infused into its core detailing and spatial environments. Combined, these design elements give this building its unique sense of place, warmth, and comfort to both its employees and the East Sacramento community it serves.

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