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Stanislaus County Animal Services Facility – Modesto, CA

The Stanislaus County Animal Services Facility (approximately 33,000 SF) located in Modesto, CA serves the animal control needs of the County and surrounding five communities. Having outgrown its existing and outdated animal facility, the Project is one part of a comprehensive commitment by the County to reduce the number of unwanted animals and to increase adoptions. The facilities’ goals are echoed in the programming and the floor plan with its adoption holding areas, “acquaintance” rooms, interactive corridor, educational kiosks, and puppy & kitten display rooms all of which are all aimed at fostering pet adoption. From a utilitarian viewpoint, the facility has been designed to efficiently service the nearly 550 housed animals as well as to serve as the home to the County’s Animal Control and Cruelty Investigation Services.As “Bridging Architect” for the Project, rfa was able to successfully design the Project well below the County’s limited construction budget. Additionally, rfa provided guidance and support to the County in what was viewed by the public as a very controversial project during a troublesome economic climate.

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