VCA Venture Animal Hospital | Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates, LLP

VCA Venture Animal Hospital – Los Angeles, CA

Our client's deep commitment to creating an environment that would provide premium care and treatment for small animals in a contemporary architectural setting inspired this project. It received a prestigious Merit Award from Veterinary Economics Magazine in 2004. This 5,750 SF project was praised for its use of natural light and high-volume space in the Reception Area, which evokes openness and client friendliness. The Treatment Area was designed as a "central control area" for hospital functions, with glass walls to enable visibility into the Surgery, Pharmacy and Lab areas. “Our Hospital was beautifully designed by Rich Rauh, AIA, of Rauhaus Architects. His many years of designing veterinary hospitals and having a wife who is a veterinarian/practice owner, gives him a unique insight into our field. Building a veterinary hospital, knowing the design issues, materials concerns, traffic-flow patterns, aesthetics and efficiency needs, is a specialty. Don't go for the short-term savings - hire a veterinary architect from the beginning!”

Jeff Werber, DVM Century Veterinary Group

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