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VSC Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine – Buffalo Grove, IL

The owners of an existing, very successful, veterinary Specialty and Referral Hospital have decided to build a separate Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. The new facility will be a within walking distance of the existing hospital. The site is located on the peninsula of land that is surrounded on three sides by small lakes. This 33,000 square foot facility will include four large Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Rooms, 3 Wet Treadmill Rooms, 1 Dry Treadmill Room, 1 Still-water & Currents Pool Room, a Special Procedures Room and a Radiology Room. The project is intended to be platinum LEED Certified, including solar collector panels, green roofs, water reclamation, use of recycled materials, abundant day lighting, solar shading, plus a multitude of other up sustainable design features.

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