Washington Boulevard Animal Hospital - Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates, LLP Architects

Washington Boulevard Animal Hospital – Whittier, CA

The new facility for Washington Boulevard Animal Hospital -- designed in the modern/contemporary style -- replaced a 50-year-old technologically-obsolete veterinary complex on the same site, allowing the practice to continue providing its high-quality veterinary care for the Whittier, California community as it has for generations. This state-of-the-art two-storied 9,350 SF full-service veterinary hospital offers advanced medical, surgical, dental, preventive medicine, physical therapy, and point-of-care diagnostic services for companion animals. The exterior architecture reflects a discriminating use of aluminum storefront, custom metalwork, plasterwork, and performance glazing. Tower features, articulated canopy elements, and the use of repetitive massing features are aesthetically integrated into the architecture of this building.

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