"It has been my dream since 2010 to one day have the opportunity to operate in a state of the art facility. When we finally reached the point that our business not only was ready, but needed to do so to survive, we began researching firms who's focus was the Pet Care Industry. After speaking with four different firms, we knew we found our home with Warren and his team. The care, constant communication, knowledge and high level of expertise that he demonstrated from our initial conversation has only continued thru our design phase and town approval process. We didn't hire a yes man, we joined a team. If you are looking for a firm that will be part of your team, you have found the right place. They are just as excited as we are and it shows. "
— Kristen Delea – Metro Pooch
“RFA has exceeded all of my expectations during the project and schematic drawing phase.  Warren Freedenfeld is a master at his craft and has guided me as we attempt to build one of the most advanced small hospitals in Missouri.  Professionalism, innovation, and passion are just a few words that describe Warren and his firm.  I look forward to the project’s completion and unveiling.”
— Michael Vitucci, DVM – County Animal Hospital
"The attractive architecture you created so aptly complements the quality of medicine and services we strive to provide to our clients."
— Mary Applegate, DVM – Park Centre Animal Hospital
“RFA shared our vision and brought a progressive perception from concept to a physical reality.”
— Dyanne Gibree, President – Bristol Animal Shelter
"Warren puts his heart and soul into every project he undertakes. This was certainly evident when he created the most wonderful design we ever could have hoped for. His incredibly efficient use of space combined with an exciting, thoughtful and exquisite exterior has received tremendous accolades from every member of our Community Development Agency who has seen it. He is also devoted to his clients and makes himself available 24/7, whenever he is needed."
— George Cattiny, DVM – Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital
"Warren took my vision and not only substantially improved it, but transformed my thoughts into a tangible and beautiful reality. In my opinion, using a veterinary specific architect is the only way to build or remodel a facility if you want it done right. Thank you Warren and the staff of Rauhaus, Freedenfeld, & Associates for taking our hospital to a whole new level."
— Tom Burns, DVM – Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod
"The entire hospital, from the stunningly beautiful and calming lobby/reception area, the very functional exam rooms, efficient lab, doctor's office, treatment area etc. is so much more than we ever anticipated. There is not a day that goes by that I don't see and realize a new detail that he has designed that makes our lives easier."
— Carolyn L. Chiffelle, DVM – Atwater Veterinary Center
"Four years ago when I was choosing an architect for our project I interviewed several acclaimed architects that specialized in veterinary hospitals. You, out of all those I met, impressed me with your desire to design a building to match our business model, instead of padding your own portfolio. In the end I based my decision on the easy rapport we established. You were the one who really listened to me and I enjoyed our conversations. Little did I know how many speed bumps and hurdles I would face getting this project to completion and how grateful I would be that I made the right choice. You have been a calm voice in the storm guiding us into smooth waters throughout this long process."
— John Schoettle, DVM – Innovative Veterinary Medicine
"It has been a wonderful 8 year journey. Without Warren's help and his advice this animal hospital would not exist. More than my Architect, Warren became my friend. His ability to transform an idea into a reality is out of this world. I am confident that this Animal Hospital in Puerto Rico will have all the facilities needed to provide the finest veterinary services possible that our animals deserve."
— Luis T. Ramos, DVM – San Francisco De Asis Hospital Veterinario
"Our design allowed for additional space to be added long after the structure has been constructed and will allow expansions in the future. RFA was also helpful in providing materials that could be used in fundraising. This helped us raise additional money for additions even before the construction was completed. In closing, we made the correct choice to partner with Rauhaus Freedenfeld and Associates on this project and will be rewarded for this decision for many years to come."
— Tracey N Roark – Little Rock Animal Services
"It is critical that you have an architect that understands the veterinary practice sector and specialize in it. I was very fortunate to have found Rich Rauh, AIA. Not only did he have an intimate knowledge of the veterinary sector but was invaluable in giving me the proper counsel and advice. I am truly indebted to him for his care and expertise in seeing this project to fruition. He worked extremely well with the builder as team players, holding my hand through the entire project. I am very happy I took on this project and am delighted with the end result."
— David Gordon, DVM – Arroyo Animal Hospital
“We can’t begin to express how happy we are with our hospital and want to take this opportunity to formally thank you for all your efforts to get us here. Through the course of developing this project there have been a number of areas in which your performance has earned our sincerest gratitude. Your ability and willingness to guide us through the process, problem solve and to communicate with the contractor, various subcontractors and consultants made the entire experience as stress free as it could have been. We felt that we were working with a team and were never put in a position of arbitrating or having to solve problems beyond our expertise. In other words, we experienced none of the difficulties or frustrations common with these projects."
— Donald Krawiec, PhD, DACVM, DVM – California Veterinary Specialists
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