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Arne’s Seafood Restaurant – Boston, MA

Copley Place in Boston was designed as one of the first truly elegant shopping venues in an urban environment. As part of a joint venture, rfa created the Design Criteria to which all tenant Architects had to adhere. rfa also designed the Master Plan for the entire dining and food related retail section of Copley Place. Arne's subsequently became one of two anchor restaurants, each of which had to conform to both the Design Criteria and rfa's Master Plan. This 360-seat seafood restaurant anchors the Copley Court Complex at Copley Place (also designed by rfa) which provides patrons with a variety of dining choices. The sidewalk café style dining area borders the shopping promenade which surrounds Copley Court. The interior, modulated by both interlocking wood screens and terraced seating areas, offers many dining opportunities while maximizing dramatic views over the city of Boston. The atmosphere is elegant, yet the mood is appropriately lighthearted for this seafood restaurant.

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