Bristol Animal Shelter - Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates, LLP Architects

Bristol Animal Shelter – Bristol, RI

Deep within the seaside community of Bristol, Rhode Island lies a picturesque 23-acre parcel of land, half of which was donated by the Town of Bristol and half of which was donated by a private citizen to become the site for the Bristol Animal Shelter. The project was a joint effort between the Town of Bristol and a local animal welfare organization with a goal to create a truly compassionate haven for lost, abandoned, or abused dogs and cats while they wait to be adopted or reunited with their owners. A unique feature is the canine cottage design developed by rfa, housing dogs in home-like areas rather than in linear wards. Other salient features include enclosed outdoor runs, a communal cat play room, isolation and treatment wards, and a humane education room. The facility also incorporates a spiritual mausoleum for four-legged family members who have passed away, a sanctuary for quiet contemplation.

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