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The Jenney Building – Boston, MA

Once the terminus of the 1,300 foot long Old Central Wharf Building (the hub of Boston’s China Trade in the early 19th Century) the Jenney Building has been restored and remodeled into 21,000 SF of first-class office space.  Originally built in 1816 as part of the historic Custom House District bordering downtown Boston and the Waterfront, this historic landmark is representative of the Federal Style wharf structures designed by Charles Bulfinch.  By realigning the interior floor levels and adding new skylights, clerestory windows, and a glass dormer, two additional office floors were created within the envelope of the existing roof.  A new building lobby and elevator core welcome tenants to the exposed brick and wood beam interiors.  Original cast iron storefronts were restored with missing architectural elements recreated.  This Certified Historic Restoration included both the building itself and the addition of a new urban park.  The park contains a recreation of the Dorothea Dix Fountain, another historic landmark recreated by rfa.

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